12th Genting World Lion Dance Championships

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We want to thank all our friends, followers, supporters and sponsor Market City after receiving the 2016 Western Lion King Title. We registered two teams to represent Australia (Australia Jin Wu Koon Dragon and Lion Dance Association; Australia Cheung Keung Dragon and Lion Association) and both teams did really well. This is our troupe’s first time receiving the Western Lion King title since first participating in the championship back in 2008.

Thank you to our brother school Cheung Keung International for their guidance and support over the years to achieve this title. We also want to thank Kwong Ngai Lion Dance on their 4th placing. In addition, for fostering our training in Malaysia and lending their world class experience and skills. The result is due to hard work and perseverance in this sport.

Our head player Andy Vo, had actually suffered from food poisoning the night before competition day, experiencing nausea, constant vomiting and diarrhea. His condition had worsened the next morning and had to be admitted to a medical clinic for a medical drip treatment one hour before competition time as a last resort. Even after the doctor had advised he would not be able to compete on that day, thankfully, he made a speedy recovery. Through sheer courage and determination the pair completed their routine to the Western Lion King Title. Lastly, never forget where you came from so Simon Wong this one is dedicated to you. See you in 2018 Genting.

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